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Introduction to Online Nursing Continuing Education

In order to maintain licensing or certification, people of the nursing profession are required to complete the continuing education course, which is also known as CEU or Continuing Education Units. Many CEU programs are available online, which makes it easy for many people to get CEU. If you are new to online education, this introduction of online nursing continuing education will take you in the right direction.

The organization knows

With the onset of online nursing continuing education, the first stage is to know important organizations. Is an American Nurse Credential Center, or ANCC. This organization is in the U.S. Is the leading nursing credential organization. While examining continuous education courses, whether online or otherwise, an ANCC certified program is a good option. Information is available at http://www.noldingworld.org/ancc/

Another organization with useful information for nurses seeking CEUs is the American Nurses Association, or ANA. Their website is http://www.noldingworld.org/.

Types of CEUs

The next stop at the beginning of online nursing continuing education is the available choice. One of the more exciting parts about CEUs is that you can find courses on any aspect of nursing. If you are an expert, you can choose the CEU which is directly related to your area. This option allows you to know about areas where you are not familiar and want additional information or a “refresher” course on a certain aspect of nursing.

However, it is advisable that some states require that you complete some CEU. Check with your state to determine if you choose only the program of interest before you need to complete a compulsory program first.


When choosing the online CEU option, select a provider who is accredited. You also need to make sure that you understand what is necessary to earn the CEU. Some online providers provide CEU for free, but before you choose one of these options, make sure that the course meets all your needs.

While you still need to do extensive research about any CEU provider, which you are considering, this introduction will help you get started for online nursing continuing education.

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