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Jim Cramer Says Buy Laureate Education

Doccr Kramer opened his “Mad Money” television show on CNBC on Friday, in which very positive reviews were made of Loreart Education Inc., LAUR; NYSE Cramer reminded us that this company was first known as Sylvan Learning Center. The company has changed its name and its corporate direction. It is strategically centered in the South but technically “not in the south” is going.

Providing diplomas to anyone with the necessary funding was initially a good business in the United States, students have demonstrated a litigation tendency to seek compensation if they are prepared for the kind of jobs they have. Fail to do so. But in foreign markets where the LARR is now focused, the students are putting their cash and taking their prospects that the diploma will allow them to participate in the growing Latin American economies.

Kramer pointed out that Morgan Stanley’s research recently recommended the purchase of shares of Laureate Education
Due to their presence in Chile, Mexico and Brazil The company recently bought the fifth largest private school in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is growing in parts of Europe that provide good development opportunities like Crete.

LAUR stock closed at 81 cents or 1.5% higher at $ 53.25 on Friday.

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